Shull Architect, Inc. provides a special and unique service to our clients in the first phase of the real estate development process. We identify opportunities, we find property potential that has gone undiscovered or undervalued, developing a strategy that defines the specific potential and demonstrates to the client a path to creating increased value and opportunity. Our service involves finding a site, or multiple sites, and determining the feasibility of a project prior to the client proceeding with site acquisition or more detailed analysis. Our objective is to minimize assumptions and eliminate obstacles before major investments have been made. As part of this service we provide preliminary construction cost estimates and project Pro Formas based on available market information. This process results in cost savings to our clients and provides a solid base to move forward with a project.

Shull Architects, Inc. is an award winning architectural firm. Our Architecture is “contemporary” based on local tradition. We strive to design a unique building based upon the results of the Pre-Planning Development Phase so our clients and their investors minimize their risk and maximize their return on investment.